Jock's Backroom Blog

Views from the Backroom, and the Classroom, at Oxford Brookes University


Jock Coats works in Computer Services, supporting IT users in admin departments.  He has worked at Brookes for thirteen years.  He has been a Warden at Morrell Hall for twelve of those years and is has just stepped down (as of January 2011) as non-teaching staff elected member of the university’s board of Governors.

He has also spent seven years on the Academic Board, has been a City Councillor and been active locally in developing support for Social Enterprises in Oxfordshire and in the wider South East region.  He is chair of a group called Oxfordshire Community Land Trust, which aims to develop affordable housing on a co-operative model and without government subsidy, and is working on a project named Oxfordshire Open Capital Partnerships which is looking at local alternatives to the mainstream banking model for trade credit and the financing of capital assets, both for businesses and as an alternative to traditional mortgages for house buyers.

Jock has been blogging since 2006, mostly about politics, economics and housing, but has steered largely clear of Brookes issues on that very public forum, so is delighted to have stumbled across and hopes to be able to use this to write a bit more about issues and life at Brookes.  He’s been a keen advocate for making better use of social media platforms within the university and in part of his spare time (such little of it as there is) he is looking at ways of improving communications within halls of residence using such technologies (but is finding it difficult to explain to halls colleagues how we could use all the Twitter feeds he has set up for each block at Morrell/Clive Booth Halls!)

For internal readers who can access the Brookes online PIP pages my contact details are here.  Otherwise, you could go to my “real world” blog and use the contact form on there.