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Locked out!

Posted by Jock Coats on December 21st, 2009

Further to my moan about the new staff facilities, or lack of them, at Gipsy Lane the other day, I noticed that even the new staff dining area was today all locked up, and, or so it seems, there’s no prospect of it being opened again before the Christmas break, not even for us to get our food in the main food court and go an eat it in the staff area.

Funny thing – after the last exams today it is really just the staff who are about, and we have to stay here until 24th December. Still, the Waitrose desktop picnic will suffice for today and tomorrow, but such a shame I had to go on a foraging expedition to Headington to get it, and still missed wherever this fabulous new chocolatier is.


One Response to “Locked out!”

  1. Paul Says:

    Cheeky buggers. They’ll be handing out sandwiches in the car park next.